V.L. Service Lighting
V.L. Service Lighting
38 Upton Street  Geraldine, Alabama 35974-3500


- 800 - 697 - 5806   Fax;  251 - 650 - 2478
OLD NUMBERS { do not use } 1-800-342-6714  Fax:

Email us at
service@vlservicelighting.com  This website is
always under construction,
in the meantime, call us to order
products or for customer service.  We also operate an eBay
store but we sell many items not listed there. Old customers in
Alabama, please call us before you order anything as you may
qualify for a special price not available to the general public.

We are using the original store name on our eBay site that we
started out with years ago.

eBay store Link

or, Click on the link below

G.W. Justice Store Established 1888

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