About Us
About Our Business

Our family business was first called G.W.Justice Store, and was
founded in 1888 on top of Sand Mountain, Alabama. The
Owner is Charles K. Dover, who has guided the business for
over which it has become several separate entities.

V. L. Service Lighting specializes in commercial, industrial, and
special application lighting, as well as residential lighting. Very
Long Service Lighting is not to be confused with V.L. Service
Lighting Corp. in New Jersey (although Mr. Dover did work for
them for a time) which was founded in 1918
. It was a
combination of the old Verd-A-Ray and Lustra Lighting
and was purchased by Duro-Test in the 1990's. Mr.
Dover was factory trained by Duro-Test engineers and has
them as an award winning senior sales representative.
Our company still represents Duro-Test and sells their products
factory direct. We also sell for
many other companies in order
to supply our customers with practically any brand and size of
lighting products on the market today. Call us at
1-800-697-5806 or fax us at
251 -650 - 2478. Email us at